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About high-strength automotive fasteners


High-strength threaded fastener product flow

The process of producing high-strength threaded fasteners is raw material reforming → cold head forming → thread processing (rolling or twisting) → heat treatment → surface treatment → sorting and packaging, and the rolling process of heat treatment is generally adopted above 10.9.


Automotive fastener materials

The steel grades commonly used for high-strength bolts are 35 steel, 45 steel and ML35 steel for bolts of 8.8 grades; 35CrMo; 40Cr for bolts of 10.9 grade; 35CrMo, 42CrMo and SCM435 for bolts of grade 12.9.

The raw materials for domestic fasteners are basically hot-rolled, while the steels for fasteners produced in Japan and other countries are basically directly cold-pressed, and users do not need to pre-treat, which can reduce costs from the link.

Common failure modes for fastener failure are assembly elongation, fatigue fracture, and delayed fracture.



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