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Fastener production management execution system


In order to win competition in the 21st century, fastener companies must adopt advanced management methods and advanced technologies, and at the same time make full use of the conditions created by computer and information technology for the development of the fastener industry. With the intensification of competition, the proportion of passive business in fastener enterprises is increasing. Coupled with the development of network technology, business management has gradually evolved into a way of e-commerce and online business. The business activities are no longer subject to time and Location restrictions. Therefore, fastener companies must adjust their strategies to cope with this change, must provide fast, accurate and competitive quotations, participate in online bidding business, high quality, low price is the "tool" to win the competition.


    As a powerful assistant for fastener manufacturing companies, the screw production management execution system must have basic 10 functions:

    1. Resource management manages equipment, tooling, and staff, and provides a basis for production planning and resource allocation.


    2. The detailed plan decomposes the production tasks, determines the priority level, determines the processing technology according to the characteristics of the fastener specifications, and elaborates the operation schedule of the manufacturing process.


    3. Production scheduling is based on the manufacturing capabilities of enterprise equipment, and is scheduled according to production tasks, delivery times, and process methods. When the equipment in the manufacturing process suddenly fails and the production cannot be carried out on schedule, the production plan is adjusted in time.


    4. Document management and management The workpiece processing records, equipment inspection and maintenance records of each management point are ensured, and the process documents are not lost during the process of circulation.


    5. Human resource management manages the information of on-the-job and vacation personnel and the skill information of personnel, and provides detailed information for production decisions.


    6, quality management monitoring the entire process of fastener manufacturing, to avoid the flow of defective products into the next process, the online inspection of the heat-treated products, real-time analysis of the field data, to provide improved advice for production.


    7. Process management eliminates illegal operation of each process and provides suggestions for improving operation methods and improving efficiency.


    8. Production tracking establishes spatiotemporal coordinate information for production, and according to this dynamic coordinate information, timely knows the position and state of the workpiece at any time.


    9. Evaluation and Analysis After the fastener is manufactured, evaluate the appearance, size, mechanical properties, shape, etc., compare it with historical records or samples, and seek improvement measures.


    10. Equipment maintenance management Monitor the operation status of the fastener manufacturing equipment, establish a self-diagnosis system, and repair and debug the equipment under the premise of not affecting the production as much as possible to ensure that the equipment operates in an optimal state. For the sake of efficiency and cost, the development process of an agile product should be a process in which all relevant parties participate, and it is a development process in a parallel environment. Modular design is often used by fastener enterprise designers. Modular design and manufacturing of fasteners can greatly shorten the development cycle of new products.


    Traditional fastener production management adopts a multi-level hierarchical structure, which is divided into management layer and executive layer. This mode has slow response and poor reliability in the production process. Production organization and management in agile mode, combining planning, resources, quality, equipment maintenance, production scheduling and other units within the framework of the implementation system, and quick response, so that all problems can be quickly responded.


    The rapid development of the fastener industry has made the market competition increasingly fierce. The market demand tends to be multi-variety, small batch and individualized. How to deal with this change is related to the survival of the enterprise. Agile manufacturing is a new management and production organization model for companies to survive, develop and expand their competitive advantage in an unpredictable and constantly changing competitive environment. It can help companies to get the right cost and right in the right time. The quality produces the right product.


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